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Tom and Karin Glancz Landlords - HMO licensed Landlords. Dash Accredited Landlords

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26th Nov Emma - Thanks so much for fixing the bed so quickly Flat 8
Thank you for getting the boiler fixed so promptly  27/10/14 Alix Flat 6
Thanks a lot Tom and thanks for being such a wonderful landlord                   Olivia 28/8/14 . 
Thanks for letting us know, we have enjoyed living in 14a this year, it's a great little property and we are all very grateful for how accessible and prompt you have been whenever there are any issues.  I hope you have some time off over the summer. All the best Ben 2/8/14

Dear Tom, 

I hope you are well.    Jonathan and I have just accepted job offers in Rwanda.  We would therefore like to move out of Flat 2, 15 Pelham Crescent, if possible, on 1st of October.  As we moved in on 1st December 2012, this will mean September will be our last rent payment.

 Thank you for all your help - you've been a great landlord.

 Kind regards,        Aug 8th 2014

 Jonathan & Emilija   

June 2014  Lisa, student,   "Thank you for all the help during the year"  4 Park Drive
May 2014 Dominic, student said " Secondly, if I could use this  moment to thank you and Karin for being very accommodating landlords, 4 Park Drive.
July 2014 Pelham Flat 8, Associate Professor   "I enjoyed the flat very much"
Last but not least, I'm very happy with the flat and very grateful with your attention. I had a comfortable stay during the 3 years that I have been in Nottingham. Kind regards Roberto    Jan 20 2014
Thanks for being a great landlord and we hope to see you one last time in July to say thank you.    Becky 14a 21/6/13
Let me take this opportunity to thank you very much for your instant and effective reactions to the small issues we came across during this tenancy. I have to admit you are the "ideal landlord".
Konstantinos   22/10/13, surgeon
Thank you for being such a lovely landlord.
We are sorry to be going, we just need more space.
Be happy :)
Zoe. Pelham
Sent from my BlackBerry® wireless device 18/03/13
Hi Tom,

Just to let you know I'll be moving out today and the last of us should be gone by Monday.  We have really enjoyed living here this term and all want to express our gratitude for the work that you have put in
Benjamin   12/12/13
Xmas card 2013 Thanks for being such a fab landlord   Lauren,Olivia,Milly,Jess,Emily,Chloe,Cassie,Alice
You have been a very good landlord and I would really like to thank you for all your help and the care you take of your property and tenants

Best regards,
Asaf   29/7/13

I still have a pair of keys (outside door and flat door) which I can pop in a padded envelope and post to you if that is OK? I   think that covers everything.

Thanks again for being an excellent, attentive and fair landlord. Very best regards

Jean 16/08/11

During the two years I was at his property at Osmaston Street, Tom Glancz was helpful and professional. If there was any problem with the house, be it with the alarms or any of the kitchen utilities, he was always round in an instant to fix it. Whilst also being friendly and approachable, he was direct and efficient in dealing with us as student tenants. Overall, he was a pleasure to have as a Landlord. 9/6/09  Thomas William
Dear future tenants
Tom was a very honest and understanding landlord. If it there was any problems with the house they were fixed promptly and up to high standards. I think the honesty and compromise shown by Tom should be highlighted as these are the rarest attributes shown by landlords. 
Thanks Tom

James Davis 14a Osmaston Street (former tenant 2008-2009)

I have an interesting job offer in Germany and have decided to move back. Therefore I wish to terminate the tenancy agreement and give one months notice.


May I take this opportunity to thank you for having let Flat 9, 15 Pelham Crescent to me.

I have very much enjoyed staying here. I will vacate the property end of September 08.



Many thanks again.



Kind regards, 28/08/09



Daniela Frank


Hi Tom & Karin,

I accept what have been mentioned in the previous email.the sofas are in the same conditions as we found them in (i.e. No cuts or marks). I will send you my bank details as soon as I've got myself settled in in Stockholm. Thank you both for being great landlords,been a pleasure being a tenant in your flat. I wish you all a great and sunny summer!


Sent from my iPhone  6/8/09

Tom Glancz was my landlord during my second year of University. This was my
first experience of renting outside of University accommodation. I found Tom to be
friendly and approachable as well as highly efficient and extremely reliable. Tom has a very pro-active approach to maintaining such high standards with his properties, encouraging all tenants to contact him immediately if they encounter any problems. This meant that any issues were dealt with incredibly quickly, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free year. Tom had a team of trusted workmen, who he would rely on to work in his houses. Their contact details were also given to us to ensure that any problems could be dealt with immediately even when Tom was unavailable. This approach also meant that only known and trusted workmen would enter our home, giving us a real sense of security.I feel extremely fortunate to have had Tom as my first Landlord as he demonstrated the qualities that should be expected within his profession. Tom’s support even continued beyond the year that I was his tenant as he kindly offered me practical advice when I had difficulties with my new landlord.   Kate 14/08/09

Residence of 14a Osmaston St.

Sept 2006-July 2007

I have been a student in Nottingham since 2005 and have resided in several privately run
properties, such as Tom’s. Of all the landlords/ladies I have had, Tom is without a doubt
the best I have had. His dedication to making sure his tenants are at ease, safe, secure,
without stress is a credit to him and a role-model to all other landlords. On moving in
my housemates and I were handed a list of contacts (e.g., plumber, electrician etc.), this
was so that if ever a problem arose and we could not contact Tom, we had a list of trusted
contacts that would do the necessary work a.s.a.p. Luckily, we never needed such a
contingency – Tom maintains well-kept premises; however, his giving us this list is one
of many examples of his dedication to making sure his tenants are at ease and as worry-
free as possible.There was absolutely no problem with regards deposits or any financial matters,
everything was made clear and Tom was extremely fair in his assessments. Dave


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